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& Portraits

From real photos to illustrated characters, here are some

custom draws and poster designs I created for some clients.

Cartoon Portrait

Illustrated wine label as a holiday gift for a company, we included all the employees in the design according the product dimensions.

Cover Illustration

Illustrated poster for social media promoting a party

in the city celebrating El Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead).

I designed custom stickers for a gamer streamer that capture the various moods and phrases he uses while playing video games and interacting with their audience. The stickers provide a fun and engaging way for the streamer to connect with their viewers

Illustrated Stickers
Game Art Cover

Poster design for an Excel online game.

The current characters were already designed on the game but they needed details to be improve for the final poster to promote it.

Illustrated Banner for a website having Astronaut Toys as main Characters.

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